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cleaning services abu dhabi

Easy Cleaning Company is the best cleaning services abu dhabi for all cleaning works. Cleaning of houses, houses, villas, palaces, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, office cleaning, company cleaning, floor treatment. It provides immediate trained and specialized labor to provide all cleaning work. Whatever your problem .. We are ready and ready to do the cleaning operations at a level that satisfies you completely and in a record time Contact us and save your money, effort and time. Cleaning Abu Dhabi is a reliable service company focused on solving customer problems with a high degree of efficiency and seriousness, thanks to trained manpower and a planned development plan.

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?who are we

We are Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company a multi-service company engaged in cleaning and maintenance. A whitening environment that integrates customer-oriented organizational quality. The company’s structure enables maximum efficiency and high quality, while maintaining a fair price and quality ratio. Our company is the best Abu Dhabi cleaning company in terms of employment, efficiency and specialization. The cheapest Abu Dhabi cleaning company in terms of prices, and the huge discounts offered by the company to customers, and the best company in terms of speed performance, and mastery.

Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company

It is characterized by the best methods used in cleaning, such as the use of steam devices capable of breaking up the hardest stains, and our company uses the best cleaners authorized by the Ministry of Health, and strong impact on stains. It also does not cause any harm to human beings, and perhaps Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company has a distinguished staff capable of completing all services as soon as possible. I know that our company can also provide other services such as cleaning reservoirs, exterminating insects in the home and repair all the defects of sewage and wiring.

Business Philosophy

We are convinced that the company is part of society, and as a socio-economic body that consumes, produces and distributes value to meet human needs. So the company must be ethical beside professional skill, it must be socially responsible and have sustainable development. Our team is trained at the highest level and has common ethical qualities committed to cleaning the house or work.

Why Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company is better?

Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company uses certified professional cleaners, offering environmentally friendly cleaning, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


  • Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company relies on professional and highly experienced manpower in the field of cleaning works of all types and different fields.
  • Medical check up on all our workers and everyone carries a health card recognized by the health office.
  • Work training at the highest level of training comparable to cleaning in the EU region and the United States of America.
  • Our workforce is ethical with professionalism, honesty, trust, respect for customer privacy and workmanship.
  • Training workers on speed of performance and cleaning so as not to get tired of the customer from our cleaning process.

Best cleaning company Abu Dhabi

Excellence in all our services is the standard that every employee must respect with a specific goal: no problem for our customers.

The company’s distinctive values ​​are based on 3 key points:

  1. Quality: High level of organization, efficiency of all staff, problem solving, availability and customer care.
  2. Reliability: Listen to customer issues and accuracy at all stages of work, responsibility and trust.
  3. Positive: Availability of the client to find the most appropriate answer, positive in the answers and in the implementation of solutions.

The company intends to strengthen and develop its market presence through continuous improvement of its organization and customer satisfaction.

The organizational structure consists of all the people who work there, from management to technicians and from a quality system that defines responsibilities, procedures, resources, business processes and communications.

The best cleaning company in Abu Dhabi

  • Superior quality and high efficiency

Our company has superior quality and excellent service, and our company provides the latest machinery and devices used and our company has the best means and capabilities at the highest level.

  • Chtsar time, effort and money

Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company works perfectly and save time and work to the comfort of our customers in complete safety by following the best means and our competitive prices at the lowest costs with a professional manpower.

  • A team with outstanding experience

Our team is trained and highly experienced and efficient in that field.

times of work

We know new standards of work in a general cleaning company, whether you are at home or work may be suitable for you to do cleaning tasks on weekends

Or evenings where the facility is free of customers and employees so we work every weekday and on the weekend as a basic day of work

Contact us We work every day of the week

7 days a week.

From  Saturday  to  Friday.

  • work hours

First Period From “seven” in the morning until “three” in the afternoon.

Second Period From “three” in the afternoon until “eleven” in the evening.

Third Period From “eleven” in the evening until “seven” in the morning.

  • Notes

Customer Service Our company is  available 24 hours.

We work on evenings, weekends, public holidays and holidays.

Vacations and rest of Abu Dhabi Tanks Cleaning Company employees shall be exchanged between the team.

Head Office Address

The United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company

Our Services

Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company offers its services in the field of cleaning and maintenance in all craftsmanship and perfection so as to facilitate the work team is divided into two teams according to the nature of work in terms of how to work in two ways: manual cleaning and steam cleaning

The workplace is divided into two types: home cleaning / office cleaning

Home cleaning includes the following

  • Cleaning curtains
  • Glass cleaning and polishing
  • Marble floor treatment
  • Ceramic floor treatment
  • Processing of wood ponds
  • Cleaning company
  • Cleaning Furniture
  • Clean houses facade
  • Carpet Cleaning Company
  • Carpet cleaning company
  • Cleaning pools and pools
  • Cleaning kitchens

Office cleaning includes

  • Cleaning government facilities
  • Cleaning of hospitals
  • Cleaning factories
  • Hotel cleaning
  • Cleaning schools
  • Cleaning of embassies
  • Cleaning Universities
  • Cleaning of private offices
  • Cleaning companies

Other services

  • Abu Dhabi Mosques Cleaning Company
  • Abu Dhabi Villas Cleaning Company
  • Cleaning Banks
  • Cleaning gyms
  • Cleaning restaurants and shops
  • Cleaning the farms
  • Cleaning of residential units

Abu Dhabi Homes Cleaning Company

Abu Dhabi Homes Cleaning Company

The importance of cleaning the house

We know very well that it’s hard for ladies to do your house cleaning but it’s inevitable and very healthy.
In addition, your home will not look beautiful even if you use the latest decor styles and rely on luxury furniture.
Only when it is clean, and if cleaning your home is an impossible process for you to do them you can hire one to clean it for you.
Contact Us Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company.

Now we will give you 5 reasons why you need a clean home for good health.

  1. Preventing the spread of bacteria

Wet surfaces and dirty floors are a good environment for the growth and spread of bacteria and therefore the emergence of diseases in your home,
kitchen and bathroom is one of the most important rooms that can spread bacteria if you do not clean it well,
so you must set a day at least weekly to clean these areas.

  1. Prevent allergies

Mites are one of the most important insects responsible for allergic infections so you should prevent them from your home by cleaning it from any dust in places where it accumulates such as windows and bookshelves, you can use a vacuum cleaner and vacuum all the dust, as well as behind the cabinets and under furniture

Another rule to avoid allergies is to keep carpets and sofas clean,
especially if you are raising pets in your home.

  1. Improve your mood

There are many studies suggesting that a cleaner home enhances the functioning of the immune system and thus protects us from many diseases, and makes us always calm which improves our mood.

  1. Avoid accidents

Keeping your house clean prevents small accidents such as people falling from places and skating or clashing their legs in pieces of furniture.For
example, your child’s bedroom is a risky room.We recommend buying large baskets to place all his toys and keep the space unimpeded.

  1. Don’t tire your eyes

It may seem strange but keeping the windows clean helps prevent visual disturbances as well as it’s aesthetic value for the house,
easily because dust-accumulated glass doesn’t allow you to clearly see anything through it.

The importance of office cleaning

Dubai office cleaning company

Cleaning is part of the daily work and is not intended to show the site a wonderful visitor

But Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company does the cleaning all the time and keeps the workplace, tools and equipment in a very clean condition. Work continues according to specific schedules for organization and cleaning, which are reviewed periodically and motivate employees to continue

So these things become work habits that can not be discarded.

The importance of office cleaning

I have always believed that the work environment has a major and direct impact on its employees.Most of the conditions that meet the conditions of organization, cleanliness and calm even love and enthusiasm, makes its employees continuously innovate and provide great achievements and services, which brings the company many successes and real progress compared to competitors. The same goes for web workers from home. They must have a working room that meets all the conditions of concentration Good work, perhaps the office is the most important part of the work room. We have to take care of the office, and apply four main ideas to it:

  • Make your desktop spacious and has spaces.
  • Desktop systems are also included.
  • Daily office cleaning.
  • A better place for idea papers and notes.

Poor system and arrangement of the work environment is one of the main causes of accidents at work and delays in work,

It is a reflection of work behaviors and workers’ behavior.

A clean, well-planned workplace is a good workplace.

 The results of the attention to cleanliness and arrangement in the cleaning company Abu Dhabi:

  1. Provide safety:

The situation of raw materials, finished products and other obstacles is negligent in the face of exits or in front of fire extinguishers.

It can delay the evacuation of workers in case of fire and prevent the rapid transition to fire extinguishers,

This accelerates the spread of the fire and may be the cause of the loss of life or destruction of the entire plant,

As for the cleanliness and arrangement of the workplace,

It provides safety and security through easy access to emergency exits and quick access to fire extinguishers.

  1. Improving the working environment:

Tools, scattered devices, devices, open document drawers, abandoned electrical wiring through corridors, etc. are inherent risks

Cleaning and organization of premises

It is a method of simplification, organization, cleanliness, development and maintenance of the working environment, and originated in Japan where it is built on the simple idea

“A good production system is a safe and clean environment”

The philosophy of Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company’s care for the workplace by organizing and cleaning consists of five basic stages

  • First Stage: Classification

The classification process is the first step in this process and it may seem initially trivial and you may think it will take a little time

But once you start rating you discover two things.

First, it takes a long time. Secondly, the workplace is packed with worthless things. We kept every old file, every used machine, every small piece of metal and everything worthless

Searching for the things we need at work has become difficult and storage places are overcrowded.

The rule now is to get rid of what does not seem to be a certain use in the future.

  • The second stage: arrangement or organization

Which aims to save things in an orderly way that helps us perform work efficiently.

There are two kinds of things that we keep: one that we need on a daily basis and one that we need from time to time.

We put what we don’t need on a continuous basis in a storage space and put what we need on a daily basis very close to the work area.

In the process of organizing, we think of logically arranging things by placing similar objects next to each other

And make the most used tools as close as possible to our hands.

The process of organizing is not just about putting things on top of each other.

We may devise new ways of storing some materials and tools so that they are easy to handle.

  • The third stage: cleaning or polishing

We come for cleaning, which means cleaning everything from floors, tools, equipment, offices, windows and stores to the restrooms.

The bottom line is that the goal is a very clean work environment. This process is a process that occurs periodically every shift or every day.

It may detect minor problems while cleaning the equipment and repair it may detect some damage to the tools and replace them with a new one.

The hygiene process is accompanied by a creative process in two things .

  • First,  get rid of sources of pollution or reduce them.
  • The second  is to think of ways to simplify the hygiene process.

We begin to look for sources of pollution that make the process of cleaning long or difficult We try to find solutions to reduce these pollutants.

For example, we may devise a way of handling oils so that oil drops do not fall on the ground.

We may use some tools to prevent grease from falling to the ground. We take care of filters that prevent dust from entering the atmosphere.

  • Stage 4: Standardization

After all this effort and experience in organization and cleaning, specific rules should be established for what should be the case in the workplace.

This includes defining the responsibilities of each individual, setting standard methods of cleaning and declaring all of them so that everyone knows their duty periodically and how they perform.

Cleanliness checklists are also developed for lists with specific items

It is used by the supervisor or worker every day to make sure all previous work of classification, organization and cleaning is maintained.

The colors used to identify safe paths used for markings are standardized Warning.

This process (classification, organization and cleanliness) should become part of the daily work

By allocating a period such as 15 minutes at the beginning or end of the work to do the organization and cleaning work.

This ensures that the situation will continue in such a good way and will not go back to old habits again.

  • Fifth stage: self-discipline installation

The final step is to establish systems to ensure the continuity of this whole process.

For example, systems are in place to review the cleanliness of places.

It is an effective way for one party to inspect another

A delegate from a department inspects the filing process with another department or the cleanliness of the work site of another department

Vulnerabilities are identified for any things that need reorganization, placement of whiteboards or cleanup, and the execution of these observations is continued.

The manager should also visit the site periodically and take notes on organization and cleaning

This is through unplanned and planned and public visits.

We can summarize that five means keeping only the things necessary to work in small quantities.

There should be a clear and specific place for everything and everything should be put in place.

And that everything is organized to take into account the ease of circulation, reduce travel time and increase professional safety and helps workers to perform work efficiently.

Abu Dhabi Steam Cleaning Company

Abu Dhabi Steam Cleaning Company

Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company is based on a team of trained and specialized manpower on the best and latest types of cleaning.

Technicians who study the best international experiences in different cleaning fields.

The latest machinery and equipment that help us to complete the cleaning to the fullest.

We rely on the best training courses for home cleaning, or hotel cleaning, where we strive to change the concept of hygiene among our valued customers.

We believe in excellence in cleaning is the goal to which we dedicate all our expertise and professional energies gained during the period of cleaning for customers in Abu Dhabi and outside Abu Dhabi.

We believe that our customers are at the highest level of excellence, sophistication, civilization and urbanization.Therefore, we are keen to provide an ideal service commensurate with the progress and urbanization of our customers, and also commensurate with their social situation, which is unique to other customers of other companies.

We try hard to improve the prices that our company puts in return for the services we provide to our client in Abu Dhabi to be compatible with the service provided. Own.

We have sufficient flexibility that makes us achieve all the ambitions of the client in all different forms of cleaning for all places.

Tips from Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company

After the cleaning company has completed the various cleaning operations, it provides a set of tips through which to keep the cleanliness of the place, as long as possible.

  • It is advised that you try to get rid of the dust and dust that exist in the place on a daily basis so as not to accumulate and be difficult to get rid of them.
  • Garbage should be disposed of every day because it insects appear in the place and collects them, as well as they lead to the appearance of bad smell
  • It is recommended to use detergents and disinfectants to get rid of bacteria that are in place and eliminate stains once a week.
  • We recommend that you open the windows every day and ventilate the place and allow the sun to enter the house because it is one of the best means of hygiene.
  • Fabrics, sofas and carpets must be dried after they have been cleaned since leaving them with water makes them vulnerable to dust formation.
  • Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company advises that when foods fall on sofas or on carpets they should be cleaned immediately so as not to cause stains and be difficultRemoved later .
  • Flooring should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with chlorine or dettol and polished periodically.
  • The bathroom should be thoroughly sterilized and all objects in place should be disposed of as accumulation leads to problems
  • Aromatic substances such as incense should be used at home every day in order to spread positive energy in the place.

Abu Dhabi Council Cleaning Company

Boards are more places that need attention and need to do cleaning work

Because it is one of the most difficult places to do cleaning work in the traditional ways, there is no need to worry about cleaning

Now for the councils we start cleaning works from the ground up in the Council and attention to perfumery and polishing and other services allocated

In the cleaning work for the boards make sure you will find the best in the process of cleaning

Abu Dhabi Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpeting is one of the things that we suffer from cleaning work because the traditional cleaning work leads to a lot of damage to the carpet

Through exposure to traditional cleaning work, cleaning works cause fading and loss of many colors

Cleaning also takes a lot of time to do the drying work

If you are suffering from the cleaning of the carpet, Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company does the cleaning work based on the best devices that work with steam.

Abu Dhabi Sofa Cleaning Company

Abu Dhabi cleaning company was able to take care of the furniture cleaning work by relying on the best polishes dedicated in the type of wood for sofa

We have the best ways to polish the skin, chamois and other types of sofas and antiques available in your home as the company relies on the best equipment and machinery found in the markets

And we do the cleaning work to the fullest as we have the best manpower trained at the highest level

We are waiting for you to do all that.

Abu Dhabi Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpets are the basics of the place and are always compatible with the decor in place and this increases its beauty; but the only problem is that it is prone to dirt quickly because of its presence on the floor;

That’s why if you want to get clean rugs to add glamor to the place. You should contact the Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company, which helps you to get clean carpets, even if they are very dirty, and the team has a high potential to help him do this task in all types of carpets, including silk carpets.

Abu Dhabi Schools Cleaning Company

 Because schools have a lot of students, this makes cleaning the school one of the most important things to focus on. To maintain the health of students and not to endanger their lives, as being in an unclean place is one of the most effective means of transmitting a lot of diseases, and the Abu Dhabi Schools Cleaning Company offers you the solution of periodic cleaning of the place.

Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company

Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company Cleans Kitchens

  • Clean kitchen walls from dirt.
  • Cleaning oils and oil stains on the walls.
  • Clean the dust that is found on the walls and floors.
  • Ceramic polishing for floors in the kitchen.
  • Clean the cooking stoves on which the food is cooked.
  • Polishing large cooking pots, which affect the shape and appearance of the flames.
  • Cleaning electronic appliances inside the kitchen.
  • Cleaning of electric ovens and gas ovens which are highly reliable in cooking processes.
  • Clean the cupboard, dishes and spoons inside the kitchen.
  • Getting rid of insects that grow on food in the kitchen.
  • Cleaning the sewers in the kitchen.
  • Exterior polishing of heaters, refrigerators and stoves.
  • All these forms of hygiene are the ones that we rely heavily on to do the job of cleaning the kitchens that the housewife needs in Abu Dhabi. All you need to do is contact us.

Other branches of our company within the UAE

We offer our customers cleaning services covering all over the UAE

  • Emirate of Dubai
  • Contact us  تنظيف Cleaning company in Dubai
  •  Eye
  • ⇐ Cleaning company in Al Ain
  • Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah
  • Contact Us  تنظيف Ras Al Khaimah Cleaning Company
  • Emirate of Sharjah
  • Contact Us  الشارقة Sharjah Cleaning Company
  • Emirate of Fujairah
  • Contact Us ⇐  Fujairah Cleaning Company
  • Emirate of Ajman
  • Contact us  تنظيف Ajman cleaning company
  • Emirate of Umm Al Quwain
  • Contact Us  تنظيف Cleaning company in Umm Al Quwain

Abu Dhabi cleaning company is tried and we have customers looking for our website in the electronic search giant Google as you can see our geographical location through our map on Google Maps and we hope to visit our channel on YouTube .

Map of Abu Dhabi Cleaning Company

Abu Dhabi cleaning company tried

Our company provides other services in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  1. Abu Dhabi Tanks Cleaning Company
  2. Abu Dhabi Pest Control Company
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